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Warehouse for train maintenance

Location: Redondela, Pontevedra. Spain Date: 2007 Client: EYSER - ADIF Area / Length: 11800 m² Global budget: € 3,683,152 Budget of the tasks undertaken: € 3,683,152
Tasks undertaken: Basic Engineering, Detail Engineering Technical areas: Structural Engineering, MEP Engineering, Other Services Areas of action: Energy and Industry

Estudios y Servicios S.A. (EYSER) hires 3D3 INGENIERÍA for the development of the construction project for a warehouse building that will be used as maintenance workshop for the trains of the Vigo-Redondela railway line, being ADIF the final client.
The building has surface area of 5,700 m2. The structure is designed with 20 meters span steel trusses. A a sawteeth roof is supported between the trusses. In addition, a 16 tons double rail bridge crane is intended to run along the building. A group of rails are fixed to the bottom of the trusses to allow the movement of the equipment that carries out the maintenance of the trains.
The foundation is designed using of footings and concrete piles.
Inside the the building there is a mezzanine used as office area, constructed with steel deck.
The following installations are designed: Ventilation, Air conditioning, Heating, Fire protection, Water suply and sewerage.

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