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“CEUTA13” gas turbine building

Location: Ceuta. Spain Date: 2008 Client: OTSI - ENDESA Area / Length: 1585 m² Global budget: € 594,375 Budget of the tasks undertaken: € 594,375
Tasks undertaken: Basic Engineering, Detail Engineering Technical areas: Structural Engineering, MEP Engineering, Other Services Areas of action: Energy and Industry

CEUTA 12 turbine is located on ENDESA’s generation complex in Ceuta. OTSI carries out mechanical and electrical engineering. 3D3 INGENIERÍA does the following civil engineering tasks:
Development of the plot, including roads and pavements, sanitation networks and drainage.
Main rectangular plan building, with steel gantries using bolted joints. Span between columns is 12m. Building enclosure made of sandwich panels for acoustic isolation. The building is designed to be constructed after turbine installation.
Auxiliary building for transformer. Concrete vessel for two fuel deposits of 125m³
All foundations designed using 150mm micropiles.
Auxiliary rack structure, using steel trusses. Chimney structure

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