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Photovoltaic panel manufacturing facility

Location: Cádiz. Spain Date: 2008 Client: HEYMO Area / Length: 11150 m² Global budget: € 5,285,100 Budget of the tasks undertaken: € 5,285,100
Tasks undertaken: Basic Engineering, Detail Engineering Technical areas: Structural Engineering, MEP Engineering, Other Services, Architecture and Construction Areas of action: Energy and Industry

HEYMO has been contracted for the development of the project of a solar panel manufacturing facilty in Cadiz, Spain. 3D3 INGENIERÍA is contracted for development of the civil engineering project (structural, mechanical and electrical projects) of the building and the area surrounding it.
From a structural point of view, the building is made up of several steel beams supported on precast concrete columns. The foundations consist of a reinforced concrete slab that supports the heavy loads that will be installed on the floor: 30 kN/m² in some areas and 60 kN/m² in others. The whole building is located on poor terrain, so the concrete slab must be reinforced with 15 metre long precast piles that are braced by the 40 cm concrete slab.
In addition, a 1.00 metre thick concrete slab has been designed to bear some precision machinery in the centre of the building, and this slab is isolated from the rest of the foundations by a 3 cm width joint.

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