• Warehouse and office block for IKEA 20492
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Warehouse and office block for IKEA

Location: San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid. Spain Date: 2008 Client: VECTOR XXI Arquitectos S.L. Area / Length: 8500 m² Global budget: € 4,139,500 Budget of the tasks undertaken: € 2,611,713
Tasks undertaken: Basic Engineering, Detail Engineering Technical areas: Structural Engineering, MEP Engineering Areas of action: Administrative and Offices, Energy and Industry

3D3 INGENIERÍA develops the foundations and structure project for a new warehouse and office block for IKEA, as part of the architectural project designed by Vector XXI.
The warehouse building is designed with a main structure of 24m length metallic trusses and a secondary structure of 8m length steel beams.
The entire roof is supported by 4 metre concrete columns, restrained with Saint Andrew’s crosses.
The office block has 3 levels and is designed for one more level extension. The structure is designed with a 13m span concrete slab supported on concrete columns.
The connection between the new and the old building and a 600 m3 pool for fire extintion demand have also been designed as a part of the structural project.

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