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Biomass power plant in Ghana

Location: Atebubu. Ghana Date: 2012 Client: POYRY - HEYMO
Tasks undertaken: Basic Engineering, Detail Engineering Technical areas: Structural Engineering, Civil engineering Areas of action: Energy and Industry, Infraestructure and Civil Works, International Projects

POYRY-HEYMO has been contracted to develop a new biomass plant with two 30 MW turbines expandable to two 60 MW turbines.
3D3 INGENIERIA is responsible for the civil engineering of the plant, asuming the design of foundations of the principal elements: boilers and turbines, as well as the bedplates for some auxiliary groups various pumps and air coolers.
The job includes the design of some water ponds, dimensioned taking into account the predictable evaporation zone.
All these jobs have been done according to local regulations and British Standards.

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