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Extension of CCGT Barranco III

Location: Gran Canaria. Spain Date: 2012 Client: IDOM Area / Length: 16577 m²
Tasks undertaken: Basic Engineering Technical areas: Structural Engineering, Civil engineering Areas of action: Energy and Industry, Infraestructure and Civil Works

IDOM has been contracted for the development of the enlargement of ENDESA’s Combined Cycle Power Plant in Gran Canaria, Spain. This enlargement consists of creating two new generating turbines of 2×1-229MW with their attached auxiliary constructions.
Related to these works, 3D3 INGENIERÍA has been hired to perform the followig jobs:
– Structural measuring works at different stages of the project. This measuring is done evaluating all the items of the different structural elements, with an evaluation of steel amounts ratios and concrete consumption.
– Drafting of drawings related to civil works.
– Structure and facilities for the office building enlargement.
These activities are developed for the following structures: generating turbines and auxiliary structures, transformers building, racks, desalination and demineralization stations, tanks, electrical building and urbanization of vials.
Studies are carried out according to specific parameters and criteria for measurements and formats required by the final customer.

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