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Services building at an industrial plant

Location: Umm Wu'al. Saudi Arabia Date: 2015 Client: Lucía Masía, Arquitecta Area / Length: 350 m²
Tasks undertaken: Detail Engineering Technical areas: MEP Engineering Areas of action: Energy and Industry, International Projects

Ma’aden Saudi Arabian Mining Company develops a mining complex in Umm Wu’al (Saudi Arabia) within which the Control Building & Sewage Workshop is located.
The buiding is rectangular in one floor, with a floor area of 350 m2, which houses an office area, dressing rooms, bathrooms and prayer rooms.
3D3 INGENIERÍA taks care of the Mechanical engineering design of the building.
Likewise, we collaborate in the tasks of drafting, adapting to specific customer needs both format and use specific drawing programs.
The work is performed in accordance with the Saudi Building Code (SBC).

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