Warrell Creek to Nambucca Heads Highway

Location: Warrell Creek. Australia Date: 2015 Client: PACIFIC AFJV Area / Length: 19510 m Global budget: AU$ 550M
Tasks undertaken: Studies and Reports, BOQ Technical areas: Civil engineering Areas of action: Infraestructure and Civil Works, International Projects

The new Highway HW10 – PACIFIC HIGHWAY between Warrell Creek and Nabucca (Australia) has 19.5 km of new roads with a budget of AU $ 550 millions approximately.
Before the start of these works, 3D3 INGENIER√ćA is required by the contractor to do the bill of quantities of all the drainage units and other complementary units to assess and/or check the amounts of units existing in the project. These measurements are carried out in two phases: the first one with the first drawings issued and the second one with IFC drawings.
There have been performed the following main tasks:
– Measurements of all the longitudinal and transversal drainage
– Measurements of the following additional steps:
* Furniture and fencings
* Signage, line-marks
* Performances landscaping and environmental impact.
All measurements are made in accordance with customer needs described in its BOQ. All measurement files provided to the contractor allow easily any review or change in these measurement works.
These measurements and/or reviews are done with technical reports in English according to customer needs.

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