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Monteluz church building

Location: Monteluz, Granada. Spain Date: 2004 Client: Angel Pablo Samaniego, Arquitecto Area / Length: 2800 m² Global budget: € 2,618,000 Budget of the tasks undertaken: € 546,000
Tasks undertaken: Basic Engineering, Detail Engineering Technical areas: Structural Engineering Areas of action: Singular works, Education and Health

The building has three levels:
– Basement: Church house and offices
– Ground Floor: Nave
– Deck 1 : Flat deck over the choir
– Deck 2: Steel deck over the nave
Of these levels, the first one is a ground slab. For the other floors, precast concrete slab are used. The nave deck is formed by a steel structure supported by a rectangular concrete ring. Columns are mostly of concrete, except in the main entrance area where are steel sections.
Foundations are projected with continuous footings that transmit a continuous load to the ground and an embraced foundation for seismic loads.
The bell tower is 24 meters high and is formed with concrete walls that are embraced by the stairs slab.

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