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“Caesars Spain” Convention Center

Location: Ciudad Real. Spain Date: 2006-2007 Client: IDOM Area / Length: 15432 m² Global budget: € 19,290,000 Budget of the tasks undertaken: € 2,642,246
Tasks undertaken: Basic Engineering, Detail Engineering Technical areas: Structural Engineering Areas of action: Singular works, Education and Health

The Caesars complex consists of the creation of a great casino hotel in the outskirts of Ciudad Real, Spain. Annexed to the main building it is projected a showroom called the Colosseum has been projected, that will work as a multi-functional space, theatre, concert hall, etc.
It is an octagonal building, with a diametre of 77 metres. It has two big seating areas, with three levels for perimeterical movement of people and several facilities areas. The main structure of the building is projected to be with reinforced cast in place concrete, with some pre-stressed elements on the upper side of the building. The Colosseum is covered with a steel structure with trusses in a transversal direction. The trusses support an acoustic double roof hanging off the steel structure and a technical grid for access to the Hall facilities.
The foundations are formed with isolated concrete footings.

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