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Miraflores commuter train station

Location: Miraflores, Zaragoza. Spain Date: 2007 Client: EYSER- ADIF Area / Length: 2400 m² Global budget: € 1,708,800 Budget of the tasks undertaken: € 382,101
Tasks undertaken: Basic Engineering Technical areas: Structural Engineering Areas of action: Transport

Estudios y Servicios S.A. (EYSER) contracted 3D3 INGENIERÍA for the project of the structure of the Miraflores railway station in Zaragoza, Spain. It serves as a stop for the high speed AV train that goes to Zaragoza. The original client was ADIF.
The station structure is projected on the lateral side of the underground railways so they are independent structures.
The foundations are done using cast in place isolated piles under the concrete load walls and two piles under the concrete columns of the station.
The station structure is projected using cast in place concrete, columns and walls functioning as supporting elements and concrete slabs as frameworks.
On the station level there is a three-dimensional steel structure formed with steel trusses to make the skylight of the station.

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