Quality and Environmental Policy

3d3 Ingeniería’s principle of action is the development of its activities of Design and development of engineering projects in the field of building and civil works with a growing and continuous commitment to total customer satisfaction and respect for the Environment, ensuring at all times compliance with customer, legal and / or regulatory requirements.

For this reason, the 3D3 Ingeniería Management undertakes to lead and implement an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System based on the following guidelines:

  1.  Commitment to Customer Satisfaction and meeting the needs and expectations of all interested parties.
  1. Compliance with Environmental Legal Requirements and other applicable ones, as well as other requirements that the organization subscribes.
  2. Commitment to continuous improvement, establishing and verifying compliance with annual goals and objectives.
  3. Promotion of responsibility towards the environment at all levels of the company by providing adequate training for all staff.
  4. Prevention, control and minimization of the Environmental effects generated in the environment, derived from the activity of 3D3 Engineering.
  5. Promotion of the implementation of segregation programs at the source of waste, to promote its subsequent reuse and / or proper disposal.
  6. Incorporation of environmental considerations into both strategic planning and investment programs.
  7. Commitment of Information to interested parties.
  8. Selection of suppliers and subcontractors based on quality and environmental criteria.
  9. Collaboration with environmental authorities.

The quality of service and the minimization of the environmental impact, a consequence of the activity of 3D3 Ingeniería, is everyone’s responsibility, so each worker of the company undertakes to comply with and develop the Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System, for the sake of executing services with greater added value for all.